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  • We dig deeper into the data to get you the best leads possible. Our criteria for each plan is very strict which is outlined in our subscription page
  • There are so many new sellers that don't know where to start. We save you hundreds of hours of looking up products online and provide you quality leads from the start
  • When you weigh the price of the leads against how many hours it saves you, the subscription is very cost effective
  • Why MORE is not always better. Talk about quality vs. quantity
  • Our leads are not computer generated, all leads are produced organically with our team of USA market experts.
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When you first decide to become an Amazon seller, one of the first questions you ask yourself is "What do I sell?" and "How do I find a supplier?"" We take the guess work out of the equation. To help your Amazon store get a jump start, you might consider buying product leads. Quality Amazon leads are difficult to find. It can take you hundreds of hours per month to find good leads. We are Amazon sellers ourselves, and by purchasing leads through other websites, we found that most lead subscription services only focus on a few major points, while we were able to come up with better quality leads by digging deeper into the data ourselves. We take the time to use several tools to make sure that our leads will be successful for you. We take into consideration the fact that Amazon is a violitile selling platform where price wars can happen and find products that have a steady price history.